Adam McKay Jabs Romney, Ryan and RNC on Twitter

Adam McKay
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for the Webby Awards

The writer-director-producer has spent much of the campaign season providing links, commentary and comedy over the social network.

The Adam McKay-produced satire The Campaign provided a broad comedy satire on American politics, but don't mistake those laughs for a dearth of depth on the issues.

Though he's built a mini empire on goofy humor, McKay has a very serious perspective; he is an active fundraiser for the Democratic party and vocal supporter of President Obama. His films reach out to all sides of the aisle -- Ron Burgundy isn't exactly an idealogue -- but his Twitter feed is where he engages in more topical debate.

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He has been especially active during the two nights of the Republican National Convention, taking on the speakers in Tampa and those on Twitter that challenge him to debates.

"Most cynical lie I've seen in awhile: Paul Ryan, guy who tried to decimate Medicare saying he wants to protect it from Obama. Wow," McKay tweeted Wednesday, as Ryan, Mitt Romney's vice presidential running mate, attacked President Obama's healthcare plan. Responding to a Tweeter who took issue with McKay's assessment of Ryan's facts, he wrote, "Obama-care expands coverage, just not under Medicare heading. Ryan plan slashes the hell out of it. Look it up!"

Perhaps afraid that his followers would elect not to do that research, McKay then went about tweeting links to various fact checks to both his broad following and specific users that engged him in debate. The Hollywood stalwart was one of many to balk at Ryan's claims about Obama's record, from attacks on Medicare to factory closings.

Still, McKay's commentary wasn't without some crude humor.

?"RNC? should end every night with GOP Congressmen giving Koch Bros handies," he suggested. "But classy, so it can go on tv."