Adam McKay on Trump’s White House Burger Buffet: “Is He An Actual Marsupial?”

Adam McKay - Getty - H 2016
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Adam McKay - Getty - H 2016

Many on social media had wondered what the 'Vice' director would make of the fast food feast laid on by the president.

When Donald Trump decided to lay out a vast fast food feast of McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King for NCAA National Champion Clemson University's football team during a visit to the shutdown-impacted White House earlier this week, the news — and subsequent pictures — became a predictably instant source of ridicule and derision across social media.

Perhaps understandably, many on Twitter wondered what Adam McKay would make of the scenario (one film critic even joked that the press photo of Trump behind a table piled high with Big Macs was a shot from the Vice and The Big Short director’s next movie).

Speaking on Wednesday night following a screening of Vice in London ahead of its U.K. release, McKay offered his thoughts, although he admitted that even he was dumbfounded by the whole affair.

"I don’t even know how to process that," he laughed. "It is funny? Is it horrifying? Is he a genius? Is he an actual marsupial?"

McKay said he was equally flabbergasted by Trump’s comments during November's deadly wildfires in California, when the president suggested it was the fault of people not raking the forest floors adequately (rather than issues resulting from climate change).

"What? What is happening? They’ve blown through comedy, they’ve blown through horror," McKay said, adding that Vice was influenced by this current political period.

"I joke that we’re in the middle of our ‘What the F is going on?’ trilogy."