Adam Pally on Father's Day Plans, Selling His Streetwear Collection With Grailed


"My wife was very helpful in being like, 'I’m embarrassed when you wear that, I’m embarrassed when you wear that and I’m embarrassed when you wear that,'" the actor joked on selecting 80 of his personal items to include in the closet sale.

Adam Pally is cleaning out his closet. 

The Mindy Project and Happy Endings star is partnering with men's fashion marketplace Grailed to sell more than 80 pieces from his personal collection, ranging from streetwear to high-end items and including brands like Supreme, John Elliot, Palace and Comme des Garcons. The closet sale, which goes live Friday in celebration of Father's Day, came about after Pally had shopped for years on the site, and wanted to bring his brand of humor to the fashion world. 

"I’ve seen a lot of the Grailed sales and I feel like in this space everyone takes themselves incredibly seriously," Pally told The Hollywood Reporter. "I thought it would be fun and honest to do one that maybe didn’t."

The dad of three, who jokes that he is often the "old man in streetwear at my kids' pickup," says he is also using the partnership as a chance to elevate his style for the benefit of his family. 

"My wife was very helpful in being like, 'I’m embarrassed when you wear that, I’m embarrassed when you wear that and I’m embarrassed when you wear that,' so it made it very easy," Pally says of choosing which of his beloved items to include in the sale. "I’m trying to be a little more grown-up, and luckily I think the workwear trend is hitting just at the right time for a man like me who’s built like Russell Crowe in Cinderella Man. So it kind of works out, and Carhartt is a good fit."

Pally, a longtime fashion lover, is just the latest star to partner with Grailed, which has previously worked with G-Eazy, Pusha T, Lil Yachty and Jerry Lorenzo/Fear of God. All past collaborations have sold through inventory within five minutes of going live on the site.

Among Pally's closet sale items are a pair of "Henderson Jordan 3s that I have that I’m really sad to see go" and "a Supreme parka that I really, really love that I wore at Sundance so it’s kind of sentimental and it’s just like the best ski jacket." 

He joked that it really includes "all of my clothes. People are going to be like, 'Did you gain a lot of weight?' And I’ll be like, 'Yeah, yes I did.'"

Pally's love of style has also been passed down to his kids, Cole, Georgia Grace and Drake, who, as the youngest, has benefitted from his older siblings' hand-me-downs.  

"All three have their own unique style and I feel like it evolves," he says. "They’re stylish and creative kids and that is very fortunate for me because I don’t think I could relate to them if they weren’t." 

As for this weekend's Father's Day plans, Pally says his plans have been interrupted by work for the last few years, and he'll be on a set in Vancouver this year as well. 

"For most of my Father’s Days, in the morning I’ll FaceTime and in the afternoon I’ll go to like a Buffalo Wild Wings and drink alone," he says. "If I had it my way, I’d be in my apartment with my wife and my children and no one would need anything from us. We wouldn’t have to be anywhere and the only people coming by would be like Grand Szechuan. That sounds like an ideal Father’s Day."