Adam Sandler Aims to Surprise at 'The Do-Over' Premiere

David Spade  Adam Sandler - Getty - H 2016
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David Spade  Adam Sandler - Getty - H 2016

"It’s his best in a way you’ve never seen him before," says director Steven Brill of Sandler.

The Happy Madison family, including Adam Sandler, David Spade and Nick Swardson, came out to the red carpet in L.A. on Monday evening in honor of The Do-Over, the company’s latest film, set to hit Netflix on May 27.

Sandler and Spade star in the film as two guys that start new lives by faking their own deaths.

For those hard-core Sandler fans, the film is something new from the prolific actor. “I’ve known Adam from almost 30 years. … It’s his best in a way you’ve never seen him before,” said director Steven Brill, who also worked with Sandler on Little Nicky and Mr. Deeds

Actress Paula Patton echoed Brill’s statement, saying “it was just like playing on the highest level. I was surprised reading the script, and I think people will be surprised watching it.”

When it came to working with the funnyman himself, everyone was more than complimentary.

“He always wants to make sure you’re OK, like have a place to sit, have your water. He’s just like a dad,” stated actress Catherine Bell.

Renee Taylor’s answer cemented her enthusiasm for the film and its theme of second chances. “If I could do the movie over again, I would,” she said.