Adam Sandler Calls 8-Year-Old With Leukemia After Blog Post

Adam Sandler Headshot - P 2014
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Adam Sandler Headshot - P 2014

The actor-comedian reached out to a young fan who wanted to hang out with the star.

Adam Sandler brightened the night of an 8-year-old with leukemia after the boy, his family and a family friend made online pleas for the star to reach out to the sick fan.

Sandler had a phone conversation recently with Grady Lynch after the kid posted a video in which he proclaimed that he was Sandler's biggest fan and wanted to have a barbecue with him. Family friend John Kinnear also pleaded for the actor-comedian to get in touch with Lynch (and for readers to help make this happen) in a blog post, which he updated to reveal that Sandler called Lynch directly one evening, posting a photo of the happy kid on the phone "with his hero." The Hollywood Reporter also confirmed with Sandler's rep that he called Lynch.

Lynch was diagnosed with acute undifferentiated leukemia in February, and his dad posted his video message to Sandler to YouTube last week.

In the clip, Lynch talks about how Sandler's movies made him feel better when he was going through some hard times, naming Grown Ups, Mr. Deeds, Jack and Jill and Click as some of his favorites.

"Thanks for always making me laugh," he says.

Lynch's particular form of cancer requires a three-year treatment, his family explained in a message at the end of the video, saying they have "learned how to focus on the positive and keep laughing. Adam Sandler sure has helped!"

Watch the full video below.