Hollywood's Teflon Actors: The Six Stars Critics Can't Touch

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On the heels of Adam Sandler's critically ridiculed "Jack and Jill," which scored a $26 million opening, THR honors the stars whose film careers seem to be bulletproof.

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston consistently make poorly-rated films, yet audiences consistently turn out in droves to see their work. 

Sandler's most recent box office entry, Jack and Jill, was shredded by critics. The Hollywood Reporter's David Rooney mocked the film's nursery rhyme title, saying, "It's an uphill battle for Jack and Jill with this leaky pail of comic swill."

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But, against those odds, the film raked in $26 million its opening weekend. And, Sandler isn't the only one, whose movies seem to be immune to bad reviews.

Aniston's most recent Just Go With It (which also starred Sandler) made $103 million despite a 20% RottenTomatoes.com score. 

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And Ashton Kutcher holds the distinction of never having made a well-reviewed movie, but his films still bring in big bucks (What Happens in Vegas made $80.3 million and his most recent No Strings Attached brought in $70.7).

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