'Ridiculous 6' Trailer: Wild West Hijinks Ensue in Adam Sandler Netflix Comedy

Courtesy of Netflix
'The Ridiculous 6'

"Apparently there's some new gang out there robbin' everybody blind."

Netflix has released the first trailer for The Ridiculous 6, the first movie in Adam Sandler's production deal with the streaming service. The western spoof, which stars Sandler, Luke Wilson, Will Forte and Taylor Lautner already generated a great deal of controversy ahead of its December release when in April Native American actors walked off the set in protest of moments in the film that they felt were derogatory toward women, elders and their Apache culture.

Among the actors' objections to in the script, penned by Sandler and Tim Herlihy, were multiple Native American characters with offensive names including, "Beaver Breath," "Sits-On-Face," and "Strawberry Tits."

Actors also objected to the makeup department darkening their faces to appear more "native." Alison Young, an extra on the film, told MSNBC, "I'm full blooded Navajo and they bronzed me. I was quite confused ... it says something when the cultural director for the film quits because he is offended."

In July, Sandler defended the film, telling the The Associated Press, "It was just a misunderstanding and once the movie is out will be cleared up."

For now, the trailer is mostly filled with goofy hijinks — but there is one adorable, if angry-looking Native American child wielding a tomahawk.

Watch the full clip below.