Adam Sandler Recalls Chris Farley's Dinner Orders: He'd Get Double Steaks

The comedian recounted anecdotes from his 'SNL' days on 'Conan' Thursday night.

Chris Farley's dinner orders back in his Saturday Night Live days were borderline absurd, this according to Farley's former castmate Adam Sandler.

Sandler recalled his times going out to restaurants with Farley when they were on SNL together on Conan Thursday night, saying Farley "would order his food ... and he'd name like six things. And you'd be like, 'Wow he's getting six things!' and he'd be like OK, I'll take two of those."

"And they'd bring out two steaks for him," Sandler said. "And two salads, and two of every side he ordered."

"You didn't even want to make a joke about it. You just let him do his thing."