Actor Adam Tomei Takes THR's Taste Test

Currently moonlighting as a pop-up pizzaiolo at Lexington Social House in Hollywood, Tomei talks organ meat, banana cream pie, ramen and more.

Adam Tomei (yes, brother of Marisa), next seen in November’s Denzel Washington-starring Flight, has been popping up as the in-house pizzaiolo on Tuesday evenings for the past few months at Lexington Social House in Hollywood. He’s using Naples-sourced flour to make on-trend L.A. pies involving pancetta, sopressata and potatoes. (The menu’s “Ode to CB” is a reference to his friend Chris Bianco, of the famed Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix, Arizona, and features Pantaleo cheese, sliced red onion, slivered almonds, rosemary and olive oil.)

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Tomei, who’s been making pizza for his industry friends for years with the real-deal oven installed in his mid-city backyard, has been kicking around the idea of going larger-scale, and plans to open his own permanent place soon, with Little Ethiopia, the downtown Arts District and Thai Town all under consideration as potential homes for the concept.


Current Fixation
“Fried calamari at Rambutan Thai in Silver Lake.”

Known For Cooking
“Ummm… pizza?”

Destination Dinner
“Vipore: A little restaurant in the hills just outside of Lucca, Italy.”

Go-To Take-Out
“Hakata ramen from Robata Jinya.”

Simply Won’t Eat
“Organ meat.”

Favorite Snack
“Grilled cheese.”

Dietary Regimen
“Lots of pasta and chicken. Light breakfast of cappuccino and bread. Carbs, meat, fruit and dairy.”

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Pet Peeve
“Don’t ask me how I’d like my steak cooked if you can’t deliver it that way.”

Guilty Pleasure
“The banana cream pie at the Apple Pan.”

Last Meal
“My grandmother’s roasted peppers on freshly sliced bread from Royal Crown bakery in Brooklyn. Followed by my mother’s pesto with tomatoes. For a main course, fried chicken from Roberta’s in Brooklyn and then a simple green salad with my sister’s vinaigrette and tend with a slice of my mom’s chocolate mousse cake.”

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