Adam Yauch's Film Company to Continue Without Him

Cancer diagnosis

In 2009, Yauch was treated for a cancerous parotid gland and a lymph node and underwent surgery and radiation therapy, delaying the group’s release of the group’s album Hot Sauce Committee and a tour that included a headlining slot at Lollapalooza.

STORY: Adam Yauch, Beastie Boys' MCA, Dies at 47

"We are heartbroken," say Oscilloscope Laboratories executives Dan Berger, David Fenkel and David Laub in a statement addressing the Beastie Boy's death.

He'll best be remembered as the husky-voiced MCA of Beastie Boys, but Adam Yauch -- who died today at age 47 -- was also an independent film mogul. And the company he co-founded said Friday that it will continue on without him.

The New York-based Oscilloscope Laboratories has provided dozens of small-budgeted film production and distribution deals. Among the most notable were the 2009 Iraq War drama The Messenger and 2010 Banksy-directed documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop, both of which earned Oscar nominations.

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Oscilloscope heads Dan Berger, David Fenkel and David Laub released a statement about their friend and colleague's death on behalf of the company:
"We are deeply, deeply saddened by the passing of Adam Yauch -- an amazing leader, a dear friend and an incredible human being," the statement reads. "Today we are heartbroken at Oscilloscope as we take in this awful news, and our thoughts are with his family at this difficult time. Adam's legacy will remain a driving force at Oscilloscope -- his indomitable spirit and his great passion for film, people and hard work, always with a sense of humor and a lot of heart."

STORY: Adam Yauch, Beastie Boys' MCA, Dies at 47

On Thursday, the company announced a reconfiguration of its top executives, with Fenkel stepping down as president to become a consultant and lieutenants Berger and Laub taking over all marketing, distribution and acquisition duties. The timing of the announcement, coming the day before Yauch's death, was completely coincidental, however, and a company source said Friday that Fenkel will remain involved in the company's dealings in his role as a consultant.

At least in the short term, Oscilloscope's day-to-day operations are expected to continue as usual, despite the loss of Yauch. Next on the release schedule is Shut Up and Play the Hits, the concert documentary capturing LCD Soundsystem's final show at Madison Square Garden, and 2010 Sundance Darling Hello I Must Be Going. Other upcoming titles include Ryan O'Nan's The Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best, Andrea Arnold's adaptation of Wuthering Heights and Matt Ross' 28 Hotel Rooms.