Adams productions now Buzzworthy


Advertising production company Continuity Studios, run by celebrated comic book creator Neal Adams, has launched Buzzworthy, a production company focusing on Adams' feature film projects.

The first project to be produced under the Buzzworthy banner will be the CGI-animated feature "Bucky O'Hare," which Adams is directing and producing. Comic book writer Larry Hama wrote the script, based on Adams' 1980s comic book series. The story centers on a green anthropomorphic hare who, with a crew of other mammals including one boy, battles toads in an intergalactic war. "Bucky" was a cartoon series in 1991.

Through making commercials like the Nasonex television campaign, Continuity has become known as a top-notch preproduction, previsualization and conceptualizing studio. Adams said he created the production arm "because we're starting to get into features in as strong way. The computer animation has made us double our income and given us a whole different outlook to what we do.

"We've had 'Bucky' out there floating around as a feature, but now the money and the opportunity that's being created with our upgraded equipment puts us into a technologically even space with all the good high-tech computer-animation companies," Adams said. "We can do what anyone else can do."

Buzzworthy will be managed by Marilyn Adams and Kris Stone, who will serve as executive producers. Buzzworthy also will maintain a West Coast production operation in Burbank that will be managed by Joel Adams.

The company also is dedicating efforts into motion capture and has set up a soundstage for such projects.

Adams received acclaim for his art on such '60s and '70s comics as "Uncanny X-Men," "Green Lantern and Green Arrow" and "Batman," books to which he brought a more realistic look. In 1983, Adams struck out on his own, establishing Continuity Studios, which includes 13 titles and 200 characters.

Adams has partnered with several producers to bring his creations to the screen, and the projects are in various states of development. Adams also is working on a horror outline and script for Sci Fi Channel that he plans to direct. His most recent artistic endeavor was providing illustrations for the visual components of Roger Waters' live tour.