'Addicted to Fresno' Trailer: Natasha Lyonne and Judy Greer Are Sisters on a Crime Spree

Courtesy of SXSW
'Addicted to Fresno'

The duo are joined by a star-studded cast of comedians in the dark comedy.

Addicted to Fresno gets down and dirty in its first trailer.

Judy Greer stars as sex addict Shannon who comes to live with her sister Martha (Natasha Lyonne) after making a series of poor life decisions. Both are employed as hotel maids.

After accidentally killing an Olympian, the sisters are desperate to dispose of the body. Their misadventure results in Allison Tolman and Fred Armisen blackmailing the two of them for $25,000. The sisters resort to robbing a sex shop. Hilarity ensues.

Jamie Babbit directed the dark comedy, and the cast is comprised of comedians Molly Shannon, Ron Livingston, Jessica St. Clair, Malcolm Barrett and Aubrey Plaza.

The film premiered at SXSW Film Festival and will receive a limited release later this year.

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