Adele Impersonator Clip Smashes BBC Records

Courtesy of Alasdair McLellan

The five-minute clip from 'Adele at the BBC' has racked up 37 million YouTube hits in just two weeks.

Adele has smashed a number of records over the past week, most surrounding sales of her latest album 25. But the British singer has now helped the BBC break its own record for a video in which she's not quite herself.

A five-and-a-half minute clip, taken from the broadcaster's Adele at the BBC TV special, sees the singer don a prosthetic nose and chin to become "Jenny" and compete in a fake audition to find the best Adele impersonator. Coming on last, Jenny's performance of "Make You Feel My Love" soon sees the others competitors realize who they're actually listening to.

Uploaded to the BBC's YouTube channel just hours after broadcast on Nov. 20, the clip has now been viewed 37 million times, the most for any video on the channel.

"I am amazed the sketch has been so popular," said Talullah Windmill, one of the look-alikes who took part in the video. "Even though the day was one I'll never forget, I never thought it would be watched by so many and be this well received. All the comments left are so lovely, it is truly overwhelming."

The previous record holder was another musical clip: Will Smith, Alfonso Ribero and Jazzy Jeff performing the theme to Fresh Prince of Bel Air on The Graham Norton Show in 2013.

See the record-breaking Adele video below: