Adele's Limited Edition Tour Posters Are Truly Works of Art

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Wall candy.

Thanks to design studio La Boca, a series of limited-edition posters were created for Adele's European tour.

Each poster created represents Adele and the correlating city, arena and country where the singer’s performance was held. The designs were screen-printed with metallic inks or mirrored paper, creating breathtaking images of the Grammy winner.

The cities in the collection include Paris, Barcelona, Verona, Amsterdam, Berlin, Antwerp and others.


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There are 200 editions of each poster and Adele herself signed five from the collection. The artist’s European tour began in February in Northern Ireland and ended in Belgium on June 13. The singer is currently in the middle of touring in North America, with her next performance scheduled for Wednesday in Vancouver.


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See the entire collection here.

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