Adelstein: Sat radio needs more for deal

Commissioner asks that Sirius, XM cap subscription prices

The second Democrat FCC commissioner weighed in on the held-up merger of the two satellite radio companies Thursday, signaling he's against the plan unless more concessions are made.

FCC commissioner Jonathan Adelstein is asking that XM and Sirius agree to cap their subscription prices for six years and set aside 25% of their channels for minority and public-interest programming.

Sirius and XM already have agreed to about half of what Adelstein wants -- saying they'll dedicate about two dozen channels to minority and public programming and will freeze prices for three years -- and that was enough for the two FCC Republicans, Kevin Martin and Robert McDowell, to voice their approval.

Democratic commissioner Michael Copps, though, has been against the merger and now Adelstein has said he wants much more from XM and Sirius than they so far have been willing to give.

With two Republicans for, and two Democrats against the merger, the tie-breaking vote remains with Deborah Tate, a Republican, who has been relatively silent on the matter.