AdGent 007 launches custom Twitter feeds

Tweetedia used by Warner Bros. for 'The Tyra Show,' 'Extra'

The social media technology firm AdGent 007 has rolled out Tweetedia, a new product which allows publishers to create custom, potentially ad-supported Twitter feeds.

As part of the new launch AdGent 007 has signed a deal with Warner Bros., which has incorporated Tweetedia into the website's for the syndicated TV shows "The Tyra Show" and "Extra." Currently both sites have installed branded boxes on their home pages that automatically pull in live tweets related to these shows.

Publishers can use tweetology both as an engagement tool and a potential revenue driver, according to AdGent 007 officials. On the engagement side, publishers can meld the Tweetedia product to match their sites look and feel, and can preset multiple keywords to determine what sorts of Twitter commentary populates the feed.

For example, "Extra" automatically posts tweets that mention celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Ivanka Trump, but could also set up its tweetology feed to pull in commentary related to a particular show's topic. Theoretically, such tactics will keep the show's more engaged fans on the site for longer periods of time and may even stimulate more discussion.

AdGent 007 has also signed a deal with the airline Lufthansa to built a custom site, where travelers can share their itineraries with friends via Twitter.

On the ad side of things, publishers have the option to surround their Tweetedia posts with relevant ad placements, ranging from text ads to custom skins.
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