Adidas Releases Selena Gomez Ads Copying Its Own Jeremy Scott Sneakers

Adidas NEO

Don't want to spend $300 on Adidas' designer wedge sneakers? Worry not — Selena Gomez's new ads for the brand offer a strikingly similar option with a much lower price tag.

While Michael Jordan and his ilk may have launched the phenomenon that is our collaborative sneaker culture, fashionable kicks certainly aren't limited to basketball players, with the roster of designer gym shoe pairings growing by the day (current in-store sneaker collabs include Marimekko x Converse, Kenzo x Vans and Keds for Kate Spade, just to name a few). And one man who got in on the designer sneaks trend before every single brand was doing it is spirited L.A.-based designer Jeremy Scott, who launched his first collaborative gym shoe line for Adidas in 2008 and continues to sell his hologrammed, winged and metallic styles at Barneys and beyond, today. 

Pairs of his Adidas collection shoes typically retail upwards of $200, with a pair of high-top hiking wedges topping out at $300. But on Wednesday, the athletic brand launched its latest ad campaign featuring Selena Gomez and a pair of wedge sneakers that look strikingly similar to pairs of its own Jeremy Scott shoes with one glaring difference — a much smaller price tag. 

The Spring Breakers star's $70 wedges are part of Adidas' Neo line of younger, more trend-focused gear (her fellow Neo spokesperson is ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, after all). But the differences between the sneakers she wears in her new set of ads aren't so different (minus a slightly lower wedge) from the brand's Jeremy Scott versions that, at their highest, cost an extra $230. 

Check out the comparisons below and you be the judge: Would you spring for the brand's designer kicks or be cool with Gomez's lower-priced version? 



WENEO Bball Shoes, $70.



Women's Originals Jeremy Scott Arrow Wedge Shoes, $200.



Women's Originals Jeremy Scott Hiking Wedge Shoes, $300.