It's adios to Baja as Fox sells studio


20th Century Fox has sold Baja Studios to a group of local businessmen. The sale price was in the eight figures.

Located outside Rosarito, Mexico, the 37-acre facility (pictured) was built by Fox in 1996 when the studio began making "Titanic" and needed a place that could house the massive undertaking. Fox found it in a facility that had two outdoor tanks with 17 million- and 500,000-gallon capacities, respectively, and two indoor tanks with 4.3 million- and 400,000- gallon capacities. There also are three stages — one numbering 325,000 square feet and two at 169,000 square feet apiece.

Fox put the space to use for "Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World" and recently used it for Regency's "Jumper." Over the years, the facility has been home to such productions as "Pearl Harbor, "Deep Blue Sea" and "Tomorrow Never Dies."

"We had a great run of productions and memories at the facility in Baja, beginning with 'Titanic,' " a Fox spokesman said. "Taking into account our production needs and given the availability of our two other extensive production facilities in Los Angeles and in Sydney, Australia, we decided to accept this lucrative offer from local financial interests and divest our stake in the studio."