AdLabs anti-piracy efforts certified

First facility outside of Europe to receive accreditation

NEW DELHI -- Adlabs Films, India's largest film processing facility, said Monday that it is the first such facility in Asia to be certified by U.K.-based industry body Federation Against Copyright Theft.

A large number of film service companies in the U.K. and Europe are now accredited by FACT, making it easier for studios and filmmakers to know they are dealing with a secure facility.

The Adlabs deal marks the first time in FACT's 25-year history that a company has been accredited outside the U.K. or Europe.

The certification applies to Adlabs' film processing and print lab, digital lab and digital cinema mastering facility along with Adlabs' preview theater, all housed within its Film City premises in Mumbai.

Adlabs Cinemas runs 175 screens nationwide.