Adlabs pushes digital films on fiber network

Indian company says feat a world first

NEW DELHI -- The digital cinema division of Adlabs Films, India’s biggest theatrical chain, said this week it become the first company in the world to distribute digital movies via networked optic fiber cable.

Adlabs said Wednesday it delivered over 10,000 successful shows of Bollywood and Hollywood films in the true 2K Digital Cinema format with 2,000 screenings delivered via the OFC network owned by Reliance Communications, its group parent company.

“Using fiber for end to end delivery, we are able to offer unparalleled picture and sound quality," Adlabs Digital Cinema COO Patrick von Sychowski said.

In April this year, Mumbai-based Adlabs was the first cinema operator in India to roll out digital cinema using Hollywood-standard DCI-grade projectors and servers.

The initiative saw some of Adlabs 175 screens nationwide receive digital movie files from the Adlabs Digital Cinema Mastering Facility via the OFC network.

"We intend to be an end-to-end world class service provider covering mastering to delivery on site,"  Adlabs Films CEO Anil Arjun said. "And are looking at significant expansion in this space aimed to cover 500 screens in the initial phase."

Adlabs is owned by the Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group’s Reliance Big Entertainment, which recently concluded a deal to fund DreamWorks’ exit from Paramount for $550 million.

Recently, it became the first digital film facility in Asia to be certified by UK-based Federation Against Copyright Theft.