Adrian Grenier puts his 'Spin' on doc

Project will center on media and its impact on society

"Entourage" star Adrian Grenier continues his venture into documentaries with "Spin," a new project that explores 21st century media and its impact on society.

The idea for the project, written and to be directed by Matthew Cooke, was born while Cooke edited Grenier's hybrid docu/scripted "Teenage Paparazzi," which explores the relationship between celebrity and society.

"I thought it would be cool to do a documentary about our relationship to the technology of communications and how it changed us," Cooke said of "Spin."

Added Grenier, "It's an important story to tell."

Grenier produces "Spin" with John Loar. The two also served as producers on "Paparazzi."

"Spin," funded by Don Herman's Sandlot Venture Group, is about to go into production as a feature-length documentary that also is eyed as a TV movie/pilot for a 13-episode miniseries.

Talks are under way with several networks on "Spin" and "Paparazzi."

Grenier's first docu effort was the autobiographical "Shot in the Dark." He then partnered with Loar to produce the music documentary "Where Are Who Now," which he also directed.
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