Adrianne Curry Kicked Out of Comic-Con for Racy Costume


The former "Top Model's" Aeon Flux costume showed a little too much skin.

While thousands of geeked out fans donned sexy costumes at Comic-Con, former American's Next Top Model winner Adrianne Curry found out the hard way that there is such a thing as too sexy.

“Sex...Latex.....Gunpowder.....Aeon Flux has been here...” she tweeted about her racy Aeon Flux costume on Saturday. The Playboy cover model was heading to the Con for a signing.

When she arrived at the convention, she found out that her revealing costume was not approved by security.

“Just got stopped by a ton of costume is illegal...the butt,” she tweeted. Curry was asked to leave as soon as her signing was over.

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“If u want to see my aeon flux come now, cause the cops are on my ass,” she tweeted.

Curry was encouraged by security to cover up her exposed botto after her signing.


“Apparently the San Diego police are unfamiliar with a screen accurate version of Aeon Flux,” she tweeted later.

Curry’s costume was quite similar to the main character’s get-up on the animated television series that aired on MTV in the early ‘90s. The title character was a secret agent who was skilled in acrobatics and assassination, while wearing a leather suit.