Adsorb’s Ostrich Egg Yolk-Infused Skincare Hits U.S.

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images
Ostrich egg yolks are the secret anti-aging ingredient in Japanese beauty brand Adsorb's skincare line.

The Japanese beauty brand touts antibodies in the ancient bird’s immune system as a fix for aging skin.

In L.A.,  we’ve pretty much heard it all when it comes to weird earthy-crunchy beauty remedies (snail slime, for one) and out-there experiments (Gwyneth Paltrow’s bee-stinging experience). But there’s something America has not seen until just now: ostrich egg yolk used in skincare formulas. Considering the other wacky things women in Hollywood put on their faces — bovine or even human stem cells and sheep placenta — it shouldn’t seem that weird. Still, the concept of yolk from an egg, no matter who laid it, seems a little crazy.

Yet Adsorb, the Japanese brand launched in 2011 that is pioneering this technology and has become the number one professional skincare line in Japan, is now delivered stateside. And there's serious science behind it. Ostriches are the oldest surviving bird species since the dinosaur era and are known to have strong immune systems. Their natural antibodies (found in a high concentration in their egg yolks), along with cutting-edge peptides and hydrators, powerfully help fight damaging pollutants and reverse signs of aging.

And it’s all humane — morally approved for the strictest animal rights activists in the industry. On Adsorb’s ostrich farm, 300 free-roaming birds are pampered with a special organic diet and daily exercise. They each produce around 100 eggs annually that are almost the size of a human head with a giant yolk to match. Each yolk supplies enough antibodies for 5,000 Adsorb products, and the collection process is completely safe and vegan-friendly.

The three-product line — sold exclusively at — includes a gentle AntiBody Cleansing Wash ($78), an AntiBody Moist Essence Serum ($140) and a hyper-plumping AntiBody Gel Cream ($130) that increases firmness and purports to fill fine lines and help fade wrinkles.

Now all Adsorb needs is a few A-list Hollywood clients and those ostriches will be sitting pretty.