Ex-Adult Star Jenna Jameson Starring in Indie Drama 'Limelight' (Exclusive)

Jenna Jameson Horizontal - H 2013
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Jenna Jameson Horizontal - H 2013

Jonathan Lipnicki, who played the little boy in 'Jerry Maguire' back in 1996, has also been cast.

Former adult film superstar Jenna Jameson is ready to delve into drama.

The actress will star in Limelight, which is described as a gritty indie drama about fame, obsession and vapidness in Hollywood. The film follows a small-town, social media obsessed narcissist and his journey to Hollywood in pursuit of fame.

Jameson plays a cold-blooded, high-powered publicist who manipulates the lead character Miles (Paul Vandervort) after he comes to Hollywood.

Other stars include Sean Kanan as Sergio, a charismatic playboy producer with a snake charmers smile; Jonathan Lipnicki (who played the young boy in Jerry Maguire) as Rocky, a member of Miles' assigned entourage; and Kirsten Nelson (Psych) as Miles' mother.

The film is being produced by Vandervort Entertainment Inc., which Vandervort founded in 2013. It is being directed by James Cullen Bressack, who is largely known for his work in the horror genre. Vandervort wrote the script.

Jameson rose to the top of the adult film industry in the 2000s and has had a few dramatic acting roles, most recently as a guest star on FX's Sons of Anarchy.