Adulterers' Favorite Place to Meet and Cheat in Hollywood Is ... Comfort Inn?!

Comfort Inn - H 2015
Tristan Cassel

Comfort Inn - H 2015

Ashley Madison, the hookup site for married people, did the math and also found that Beverly Hills Hotel ranks high, while New York's Holiday Inn on 57th Street is a favorite among East Coasters.

This story first appeared in the Feb. 20 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

Leave it to Ashley Madison, the hookup site for married people, to do the math on where adulterers meet to cheat. The Beverly Hills Hotel ranks high among L.A.'s favorite spots for infidelity (the boycott apparently isn't a big moral hurdle), as does the Gansevoort in New York. But beating them both are the Comfort Inn in Hollywood and NYC's midtown Holiday Inn. The accommodations are no-frills, but there's virtually no chance of bumping into a colleague or client (unless you're there with one).

Los Angeles Hotels

1. Hyatt Regency Century Plaza

2. Comfort Inn (Hollywood)

3. The Standard (downtown)

4. The Beverly Hills Hotel

5. SLS Hotel (West Hollywood)

Los Angeles Restaurants

1. Dan Tana's

2. Mastro's

3. Morton's

4. Koi

5. The Cheesecake Factory

New York Hotels

1. Holiday Inn (W. 57th Street)

2. Marriott Marquis (Broadway)

3. Gansevoort (Ninth Avenue)

4. Waldorf Astoria New York

5. Millennium Hilton (Church Street)

New York Restaurants

1. Blue Fin

2. Morton's

3. Cipriani

4. Ruth's Chris Steak House

5. Del Frisco's