First Trailer for Vudu Original Film 'Adventure Force 5': Kids Team Up to Take on Mysterious Terra Borgs

The family film will debut on the Walmart VOD service Dec. 19.

Two video-game obsessed brothers and their friends team up to take on a mysterious swarm of flying creatures in the first trailer for Walmart VOD service Vudu's original film Adventure Force 5, which The Hollywood Reporter is debuting exclusively above.

The film, written and directed by Michael Younesi, stars Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Ernie Hudson, Dylan Arnold, Tate Birchmore, Donald Bowen, Lexee Davis, Marleik “Mar Mar” Walker and Kartik Ash.

Adventure Force 5 follows video game- and comics-obsessed brothers Joey and Jack Zapata (Bowen and Birchmore, respectively) as they and their friends embark on an adventure when a mysterious swarm of flying creatures, Terra Borgs, invade their quiet beach town. Arnold (Halloween, Mudbound) plays the egomaniacal young genius who invented the creatures, while Walker, Davis and Ash make up the brothers' friends as a genius inventor, spunky skater and martial artist, respectively. The kids use their skills, knowledge of sci-fi and homemade gadgets, inspired by Walmart's Adventure Force toy brand, to fight back.

In the trailer, the kids discover a mysterious drone and study it, speculating that it "could be alien tech." Soon they discover that people's cellphones are giving off mysterious flashes, leading one kid to conclude that whoever's controlling the drone "might be controlling our parents, too."

The kids then team up to take on the flying creatures, with Hudson's character seemingly serving as a mentor.

Studio71 produced the film with Reza Izad, Dan Weinstein and Adam Boorstin serving as executive producers and Michael Schreiber serving as producer.

Adventure Force 5 will be available for free on Vudu on Dec. 19.