'Adventures of Tintin' to Bow in Italy at Rome Film Festival

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Actor Jamie Bell is expected to accompany the Steven Spielberg 3D motion capture adventure to the event.

ROME – Steven Spielberg’s The Adventures of Tintin: the Secret of the Unicorn will have its Italian premiere at the Rome International Film Festival, organizers announced Monday, screening both in the official selection and in the Alice sidebar for films for children and families.

The 3D production, directed by Spielberg and co-produced by a team that includes both Spielberg and Peter Jackson, stars the voices of Daniel Craig, Andy Serkis, and Jamie Bell in the main roles. Rome organizers said that Bell, who gives Tintin his voice, will be in Rome for the premiere.

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The film was shot entirely using the “motion capture” technique, which uses the movements of real actors to give realistic movements, gestures, and expressions to digital characters.

In a statement, Spielberg said he was inspired to make the film after his work on the Raiders of the Lost Ark franchise.

“One of the reviewers [for Raiders of the Lost Ark] seemed to believe that my Indiana Jones character had been inspired by Herge,” Spielberg said, referring to the Belgian writer and illustrator who created Tintin in the late 1920s. “When I bought the books, I was completely taken by them and immediately thought Tintin’s adventures would make great films.”

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In this story, villain Ivan Ivanovitch Sakharine, played by Craig, believes Tintin holds a stolen treasure linked to a group of pirates who sail on a mysterious ship called The Unicorn. Tintin is forced to flee with his dog and the help of Captain Haddock, played by Serkis, leading to a series of adventures around the world as he seeks The Unicorn.

The film, which will screen out of competition in Rome, will open across Europe over the final week of October, including the Italian premiere during the Oct. 27-Nov. 4 festival. It is not scheduled to open in the United States until just before Christmas.