Adweek Ranks Top 10 Commercials of 2011 (Video)

Volkswagon Darth Vader Kid - H 2011

Volkswagon Darth Vader Kid - H 2011

Chrysler, Volkswagen and Nissan automobile advertising spots dominate the publication's annual list.

From candy bars and cats to zombies and cars, 2011 has been an eclectic year for advertising. 

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Adweek released a list of their top 10 commercial spots (aired worldwide) for the past year, and the rankings include car companies Chrysler, Volkswagen and Nissan, as well as Snickers, British dairy company Cravendale, the trailer for Scotlan'd zombie video game "Dead Island" and  Google Chrome. 

Watch Adweek's list of 2011's best commercials below. 

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10. Snickers "Focus Group"
The candy company's spot features two sharks discussing which human they ate tasted better. They're pick? The one who recently ate Snickers' new Peanut Butter Squared Bar. 

9. Nissan Leaf "Gas Powered Everything'
To promote their new electric car, Nissan envisioned a world where everything that was electric (think hair dryers, computers, coffee makers) ran on gas. 

8. Cravendale "Cats with Thumbs" 
The British dairy company gave cats the one thing they're lacking to be able to get their own milk: opposable thumbs. The spot shows the furry pets banding together to steal milk from a breakfast-eating human. 

7. Deep Silver "Dead Island Trailer"
The spot for zombie video game "Dead Island" runs in reverse chronological order, first showing a young, dead girl, before taking viewers back in time through her zombie attack. 

6. Canal+ "The Bear"
This commercial for France's Canal+ movie channel follows a directorial bear mockumentary style as he explains his love for cinema. However, in the end, it's revealed that he's actually a taxidermied bear who watches the movie channel nightly. 

5. TalkTalk "Homes Within Homes"
The UK company's broadband and phone service are promoted via dollhouse inhabitants who are yearning to connect with one another, set to the emotional musical track, "Unchained Melody." 

4. Google Chrome "Dear Sophie" 
The internet company promoted its Chrome browser with this spot showing a new dad recording his daughter Sophie's life for her to later read/watch/view and listen via Google's new email, imaging and video tools. 

3. Chrysler "Born of Fire"
In an attempt to resurrect both the brand and its hometown, Detroit, the car company set their ad to Eminem's defiant "Lose Yourself" and featured a voiceover delivering words of strength. The spot won the 2011 Emmy for best commercial. 

2. Chipotle "Back to the Start"
Willie Nelson helped the fast-food company deliver its environmentally-conscious message by communicating its organic and locally-grown ingredient philosophy through a cover of Coldplay's "The Scientist" played over an animated farming operation. 

1. Volkswagen "The Force"
The German car company took home Adweek's top honors with their Star Wars-themed commercial (which originally aired during Super Bowl XLV). In the video, a child dressed as Darth Vader attempts (and fails) to bend things in his home using The Force, until his Dad activates their Passat via a remote starter, making his son believe he's done it with Jedi mind tricks.