Aereo to Launch in Atlanta in June

2012-35 FEA Alki Chet Kanojia P

Since launching his service in March in New York, Aereo founder and CEO Chet Kanojia has had to fend off the skeptics. Not just broadcasters, who brought a big copyright infringement lawsuit against the company, but also certain business analysts too.

Expanding beyond New York, the digital TV distributor is also changing its pricing structure as it hunts for customers.

Aereo will be bringing its technology to the Atlanta metropolitan region beginning June 17.

The announcement follows the expected nationwide roll-out plan for a service that allows subscribers to access local television online. Aereo originally launched in New York City in March 2012 and will be starting up in its second city of Boston on Wednesday.

The expansion plans have already triggered a new litigation round with the TV networks not overjoyed with a business model that they say threatens billions of dollars in retransmission fees.

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For all the buzz on Aereo's hop-stopping across the nation, however, the company has yet to circulate much word on its own consumer subscription numbers. In the courtroom battle where Aereo is fending off the broadcasters, there is talk of just a few thousand subscribers in New York, but at the moment, there is very little substantiation of either the company's success or failure in the marketplace.

Aereo announced on Monday that it would be shaking up its pricing structure on the eve of its Boston launch. Going with a "new pricing plan (that) simplifies Aereo access," the company said it would charge consumers $8 per month for 20 hours of Aereo's cloud-based antenna/DVR technology and $12 per month for 60 hours of DVR storage.

After coming out with news about its new pricing, Aereo is now ready to hit the road once again. According to the latest press release, Aereo will be available to those in the Atlanta region who pre-register on June 17 and all others there after June 24.

The Atlanta market that Aereo is targeting covers 55 counties across Georgia, Alabama and North Carolina and has an estimated 5.3 million consumers.