Aerie Touts "Real" Men in New Ad Campaign

INTRODUCING #AerieMAN... MEET KELVIN - Screengrab - H 2016
Courtesy of American Eagle

"Real" men enjoy a good bubble bath, too.

Move over, David Beckham, there's a new crop of male underwear models in town. 

Meet Kelvin, Doug, Devon and Matt, Aerie Man's new "real" men who have been cast as the brand's first male models. Aside from blonde Adonis Matt, the new crew is not made up of your conventional hunky, green juice-carrying cross-fit dudes.

Rather, the quartet is meant to represent the wide range of men's body types, a sentiment in keeping with Aerie's commitment to showcasing "real" people and using only un-retouched photos in its campaigns. 

But while the promotional videos definitely put the dadbod on a pedestal, an undertone of sarcasm seems to poke fun at the bimbo nature of female underwear ads — think slow-mo footage of Kelvin blowing bubbles in a bubble bath, Doug showing off his briefs (branded with the word "flexy") in a downward-facing dog pose and Matt hanging shirtless photos of himself on the wall. 

The new collection is already available online, priced between $12.50 and $15.95.

Check out the new campaign below.