Aerosmith Promotes Global Warming Tour

Larry Marano/Getty Images

Frontman Steven Tyler rolled into Hollywood on a custom motorcycle and the band arrived in a white Lamborghini with onlookers like Paul Stanley and Jimmy Kimmel standing by.

Legendary rockers Aerosmith pooled an eclectic collection of fans ranging from 8 to 80 who hoped to catch a glimpse as the rock stars arrived to shed some light on their North American Global Warming Tour that kicks off June 16 in Minneapolis.

“If it’s getting warm, it’s going to get hotter,” lead guitarist Joe Perry told the crowd Wednesday at The Grove in Los Angeles.

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Rock veterans Cheap Trick will join the Boston quintet for the trek, which will coincide with the much-anticipated release of Aerosmith's first album in eight years. Said frontman and American Idol judge Steven Tyler: “We’re really looking forward to kicking some ass with this new album. It’s going to be stupid good.”

The band is working with Jack Douglas for the first time since 1975, and bassist Tom Hamilton is eager to hear Aerosmith’s new singles on the radio. “The most amazing thing about being in a band is hearing your songs on the radio," he said, "and we can’t wait to hear our new ones coming through the speakers."

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With more than four decades of rockin’ fans under their belts, they should have no problem filling arenas across the United States and a few stops in Canada, it was announced earlier this week. The first 18 shows on the tour were revealed, including an August stop at the Hollywood Bowl. Tyler plans to hit the stage with new songs including “Legendary Child” and “Out Go the Lights.”

“We’ve been setting fires and putting them out our whole career, whether it’s with Rolling Stone or with our own fans,” said Tyler. "We like to light fires under peoples asses -- and what better title than Global Warming?"