Aerosmith's Steven Tyler tumbles in Toronto

Singer uninjured after falling off stage at Air Canada show

TORONTO – Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler may be "American Idol"-bound, but he's taken another tumble on stage -- this time in Toronto.

Aerosmith was performing Tuesday night at Toronto's Air Canada Center when, according to local media accounts, guitarist Joe Perry backed into Tyler as they played "Love in an Elevator," which accidentally sent the frontman off the catwalk and into the crowd.

CBC News reports that Tyler landed on his feet without injury, and was helped back on stage by fans and Perry.

The incident called to mind Tyler last year sustaining injuries when he fell off a stage walkway during a concert in South Dakota, forcing an end to Aerosmith's summer 2009 tour.

The Globe and Mail newspapers add that Tyler, once back on the Toronto stage, told a smiling Perry and his cheering fans: "It ain't gonna happen again, baby."

Aerosmith is making its way through a 42-date North American tour.