AFF prod'n market to have Latin flavor


TORONTO -- Strategic Partners, the Atlantic Film Festival's international co-production market, Tuesday said its next installment will explore opportunities for English-language producers to partner up with Latin America.

The Halifax-based market, which comes at the tail-end of the Toronto International Film Festival, will aim to match traditional Canadian, American and British attendees with producers in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.

"Argentina has a booming production industry, with many of their most recent projects pursuing international partners," Jan Miller, director of Strategic Partners, said in explaining the upcoming focus on Latin America.

Miller added that Canadian film and television producers are already partnering with Brazilian producers after recent Brazil/Canada trade missions.

Canada has more than 50 co-production treaties in place, including with Argentina, Brazil and Mexico, and in recent years has looked to diversify from its traditional focus on co-productions with the U.K., France and other European partners.

Backed by subsidies from the federal government, Canadian producers on the West Coast have looked to partner on film and TV projects with China and other Asian partners, while on the Atlantic coast, Germany, Ireland and Eastern Europe represent new frontiers for domestic producers.

Strategic Partners is set to run in Halifax, Nova Scotia from Sept. 12-14.