'Affairs' team to become 'Gangsters'

Parody of trilogy reunites 'Young and Dangerous' cast

HONG KONG -- Cops-and-robbers whiz team Felix Chong and Alan Mak of the “Infernal Affairs” trilogy imagines the grown-up lives of former gangland hotshots in Media Asia’s “Gangsters," which is now in production in Hong Kong and scheduled for release in early 2010.

The HK$15 million ($1.9 million) black comedy, written by Felix Chong, Chapman To (“Isabella”) and Lau Ho-leung (“Three Kingdoms: Resurrection of the Dragon”), directed by Felix Chong and produced by Alan Mak, reunites and sends up the previous roles of the top-billing duo Ekin Cheng (“Storm Warriors”) and Jordan Chan (“Initial D”) of the successful 1990s “Young and Dangerous” crime series, as retired and reformed ex-triad members. 

Cheng plays a triad heir who found his true calling in academia during his stint in prison, while Chan plays a formerly ferocious gang member turned restaurant owner, whose passion changed from gangland warfare to gastronomy. The film also parodies Chong and Mak’s “Infernal Affairs” with its undercover cop storyline.


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