AFI Fest Director Jacqueline Lyanga Takes THR's Taste Test

Taste Test Jacqueline Lyanga - H 2012

Taste Test Jacqueline Lyanga - H 2012

She talks coq au vin, chocolate covered ants, poutine, avocado on dark rye bread and more.

AFI Fest director Jacqueline Lyanga has again done her part in orchestrating Hollywood’s own glittering local contribution to the international festival circuit. The eight-day event, which opens today, will see the world premieres of Hitchcock and Lincoln at the iconic Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, as well as a slew of buzz-generating draws like Silver Linings Playbook and the documentary West of Memphis at various other neighborhood venues, including the historic nearby Egyptian. Before she becomes totally engulfed in the festival whirlwind, Lyanga takes a moment to chat about what she’s hungry for – aside from cinema, of course.

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Current Fixation
“Ras el hanout. I have been adding this to everything. And poutine. I had the most delicious roast duck poutine pizza while I was at the festival in Toronto.”

Known For Cooking
“Coq au vin.”

Destination Dinner
The French Laundry.”

Go-To Take-Out

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Adventurous Bite

“Chocolate covered ants.”

Simply Won’t Eat
“Raw bananas. There is something about the slimy texture that I can’t get past.”

Favorite Snack
The Little Flower Candy Co.’s caramels. They’re delicious. As is the chocolate-covered popcorn they serve at movie theaters in Berlin.”

Dietary Regimen
“This time of the year, I try to get in at least one beet/carrot/ginger juice blend a day. And I eat a lot of avocado on dark rye bread with a little olive oil and red pepper flakes.”

Pet Peeve
“Clumpy cold pasta with cream sauce. I was unfortunately served this in a restaurant recently. Needless to say, I sent it back.

Big Wish
“More poutine, please.”

Guilty Pleasure
“Crispy pork belly.”

Last Meal
“Sous vide lamb, roast rabbit, curried chicken and crème brulee.”