AFI Vs. USC Film School: Hollywood Reporter Rankings Spoofed in Hitler Video

“They’re all soulless hipsters anyway,” says Traudl Junge as Hitler flies into a rage about AFI students after the school tops USC in THR’s rankings.

Adolf Hitler is not pleased with The Hollywood Reporter right now.
As part of a viral video series featuring irrelevant subtitles against footage from the 2004 film Downfall, THR’s first ever 25 Best Film Schools ranking was parodied earlier this month.
The clip shows Bruno Ganz unleashing a wave of fury at the American Film Institute’s No. 1 placement, while insisting that the University of Southern California is a better school.
“USC has more graduates working in the field than ANY other school!”  he insists. “All AFI makes are pretentious, unwatchable art films!!!”
“They’re so high on their own ass that the school doesn’t even call them students,” Hitler continues. “They have the nerve to call them fellows, as if they were gods!”
Watch the full 4-minute clip below, in which he takes aim at the Brad Pitt starrer Tree of Life, as well as the student body’s “western drama, daddy issue, woman-abusing, sexually perverted films.”