AFM 2012: Grindstone Buys Scottish Cannibal Film 'Sawney: Flesh of Man'

The horror title is based on the 15th-century legend of Scots cannibal chieftain Sawney Bean.

SANTA MONICA -- Grindstone has picked up North American rights to Sawney: Flesh of Man, a Scottish period cannibal horror film, from U.K. sales group Jinga.

The film is based on the 15th-century Scottish clan chieftain Sawney Bean, head of an inbred clan of 48 members who, legend has it, murdered and ate more than 1,000 people. The story has been cited as an inspiration for Wes Craven's horror classic The Hills Have Eyes (1997).

Newcomer Ricky Wood directed the feature, which stars veteran Scottish actor David Hayman (Hope and Glory, Sid and Nancy) as Sawney Bean.

The Grindhouse sale is the first for the film but Jinga’s Julian Richards said the company already has two offers on the table for U.K. rights.