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AFM Day 2 Daily H 2015

AFM Day 2 Daily H 2015

THR analyzes the 'Blade Runner' sequel's market effect and chats with Peter Landesman about his controversial football drama 'Concussion.'

The Hollywood Reporter's second American Film Market daily issue features an analysis of the Blade Runner sequel's effect on this year's market, exclusive news of Ryan Reynolds joining Hitman’s Bodyguard and a chat with writer-director Peter Landesman about his controversial football drama Concussion.

Will Blade Runner Rock AFM?
A select group of international indie distributors might still get a crack at bidding on Blade Runner, the biggest, and most hotly-anticipated of what has become a tsunami of reboots and sequels to 1980s action franchises. Further, producers are going bigger, and more femme-focused, as they look to follow on the success of revived action franchises such as Mad Max and Terminator. One executive told THR, "Of course you can't turn Terminator into Cinderella but need real, relatable characters with a character arc. You can't have cardboard cut outs killing people.”

Hitman's Bodyguard Booked
Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson and Gary Oldman have signed on to star in the Millennium Films action movie, directed by Jeff Wadlow (Kick-Ass 2) from a script by Tom O'Connor. It centers on the world's top protection agent who has a new client: a hit man who has come in from the cold. They've been on opposite ends of a bullet for years and hate one another; now they're stuck together and have 24 hours to get to the Hague. Oldman will play a villain.

"I've Had Absolutely No Communication With the NFL"
With Concussion, Landesman profiles ?forensic pathologist Bennet Omalu, the Nigerian-born doctor who discovered a disease in the brains of NFL players. The Sony film, which stars Will Smith, could gain attention both as an awards contender and?as a criticism of the NFL's efforts to reduce injuries. "While it's about an important zeitgeist subject, the film is wildly entertaining, moves like a political thriller and is a profound emotional ride," the writer-director tells THR. "It becomes abundantly clear what it is really about: One's man's pursuit of the truth, in the face of a monstrous headwind of deception, despite the physical and material costs — a classic American tale that happens to be true."

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