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AFM Day 4 Daily H 2015

AFM Day 4 Daily H 2015

THR analyzes why 'Hateful Eight' will thrive and looks inside the sexually-explicit drama 'Love', while breaking exclusive news.

The Hollywood Reporter's fourth American Film Market daily issue includes an analysis of why Hateful Eight will thrive, a look inside the sexually-explicit drama Love and exclusive news that Kellan Lutz and Kelsey Grammar are joining Nest.

Love for Hating Hateful Eight
AFM dealmakers say growing controversy over comments Quentin Tarantino made about police brutality could actually help The Hateful Eight at the box office, at least outside the U.S. International distributors said they didn’t expect any box office blowback after police unions across the U.S. called for a boycott of the Western, due to his comments at a rally against police violence. "Tarantino is only saying what the majority of Europe is thinking. If anything, it will increase awareness of The Hateful Eight," said one exec. "The support for Tarantino could drive sales up for the film in the U.K., in my opinion."

Joining the Nest
Kellan Lutz and Kelsey Grammer are joining Li Bingbing in 3D sci-fi action film. Also the largest Chinese-Australian co-production to date, it follows a group of scientists exploring an ancient labyrinth who must fight off a swarm of deadly, man-eating funnel web spiders if they hope to survive. Arclight Films’ genre label Darclight, handling worldwide sales, also has sold the film in a number of territories.

"We're All Sex Junkies"
 In Love, Gasper Noe's latest release, its sex — lots and lots and lots of sex — is causing scandal. The 3D drama, looks at the erotic relationship between an American ex-pat (Karl Glusman), his current partner Omi (Klara Kristin). And his ex-girlfriend Electra (Aomi Muyock). The many explicit scenes are given extra oomph by Noe's use of 3D, including a straight-to-camera close up of an ejaculating penis. Noe spoke to THR about real vs. simulated cinema sex, showing Love to his father and why he thinks porn is "science fiction."

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