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AFM Day 6 Daily H 2015

AFM Day 6 Daily H 2015

THR's indie directors roundtable, an analysis of how indies are feeling the big studio squeeze, and exclusive news of Arnold Schwarzenegger-starrer '478' selling wide.

The Hollywood Reporter's sixth American Film Market daily issue features an indie directors roundtable, a look at how indies are feeling the big studio squeeze and exclusive news of Arnold Schwarzenegger-starrer 478 selling wide.

Indies Feel the Big Studio Squeeze
Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight dominated much of the chatter in 2014, but 2015’s edition struggled to offer a prestige title with anywhere near the same amount of buzz, as one exec complained that there were few gold-plated projects available for presale ("the packages are not ideal") and put part of the blame on talent agencies playing too big a role. Decreased risk-taking from indie buyers, who are now facing a swollen emphasis on theatrical success as ancillary revenue-generators dry up, saw the studios step in to make the big money market bets.

Schwarzenegger's 478 Sells Wide
The unusual pairing of Darren Aronofsky and Arnold Schwarzenegger proved too potent for foreign buyers to ignore at this year’s market. Their newly announced revenge-thriller, 478, has closed a raft of major territory deals for the Highland Film Group, which is is handling international sales. The film, now in preproduction, will see Schwarzenegger play a man seeking revenge after his wife and daughter are killed in a tragic mid-air collision.

"There’s No Perfect Film"
This year's AFM Indie Filmmakers' Roundtable includes two Oscar winners, a low-budget darling with his first $10 million project and a fearless helmer of experimental documentaries. High-Rise helmer Ben Wheatley, Colonia director Florian Gallenberger, Regression genre master Alejandro Amenabar and Durrenmatt: A Love Story documentarian Sabine Gisiger talk about telling their stories their way.

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