AFM: Martial Arts Stars Robin Shou, Danny Chan Join 'Kung Fu Cowboy'

Kung Fu Cowboy Danny Chan

'Matrix' stuntman Tiger Chen will also star in the martial arts/Western mash up from director Jonathan Lim.

Martial arts stars Robin Shou, Danny Chan and Tiger Chen have signed on to star in Kung Fu Cowboy, a martial arts meets western mash-up from Deadwood writer W. Earl Brown and Pali Road director Jonathan Lim.

The feature is set during the anti-Chinese riots in California in the 1880s led by xenophobic politicians like Denis Kearney and his Workingmen’s Party of California. Thousands of immigrant Chinese, who had helped build America's transnational railroad, were faced with rising discrimination and racial tension.

The film follows a group of recent immigrant Chinese who decide to fight for their right to survive.

Crimson Forrest Entertainment, Huace Media Group and Cuixing Media Group are producing Kung Fu Cowboy and are pre-selling the title at AFM.

Lim is producing and directing the film, which is set to begin shooting this spring.

"This is a piece of forgotten history that needs to revisited, and ironically is thematically still a relevant topic today," said Lim. "We’re combining two popular pop cult genres and assembling a highly talented cast whose martial arts skills will excite all fans of the genre."

Shou's credits include Mortal Combat and Death Race. Chan has starred in chopsocky features Kung Fu Hustle and The Legend of Bruce Lee. Chen is best known as a stunt man for his work on films including Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and the Matrix films.