AFM According to ... Atlas Distribution's Harmon Kaslow: Santa Monica's Traffic Police Always Win

Harmon Kaslow -Publicity - SQ 2017
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The president and CEO tells THR of taking on the annual film market in Santa Monica.

Best place to grab a drink after midnight in Santa Monica (is it even possible to get a drink after midnight in Santa Monica?):

Hit The Daily Pint. The whiskey selection is off the charts.?

Place to avoid during the market?

Those alleyways behind the Third Street Promenade. They just really need a steam cleaning.?

Proudest moment at AFM?

Getting a seven-figure advance without six-figure legal fees!

Most “AFM” thing to happen to you at the market?

When more than one distributor wanted a picture. Nothing helps my posture more than having a movie people want. Phone calls get returned, meals offered — the sizzle and steak!

Biggest pet peeve about AFM or Santa Monica?

The traffic police. Now, I'm a huge supporter of first responders, but those guys are so on their game when it comes to illegal left turns or U-turns. It's a cat-and-mouse game with them, and they always get the cheese.

Your hidden gem restaurant or bar in Santa Monica and Los Angeles?

Big Dean's OceanFront Cafe — very eclectic. Last time though, my Uber driver kidnapped me and took me to La Descarga for a crazy, burlesque show, with high-octane mojitos.?

Funniest celebrity or Hollywood interaction at AFM?

Angelyne. She actually lives in my neighborhood, but it was nice seeing her do her hustle at AFM.

A secret place you go to escape the industry?

Galapagos Islands. Seriously, almost no contact with the outside world. Although, the fearless iguanas remind me ?of some of the entertainment lawyers I deal with.

One thing you won’t travel without, besides your phone?

I take an assortment of supplements including probiotics, digestive enzymes, fiber and green tea. It's a rough world out there and healthy digestion is a priority for me when traveling, and I never have a bad stomach.

What’s the best "worst" project you’ve seen on offer at AFM?

The Human Centipede. And I've paid dearly for it because each of my boys have rented the damn thing on VOD several times.?