AFM According to ... Arclight Films' Ruzanna Kegeyan: Block Out the Bad Pitches

Ruzanna Kegeyan - Publicity - P 2017
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The exec vp of sales and acquisitions tells THR of taking on the annual film market in Santa Monica.

Best place to grab a drink after midnight in Santa Monica?

No such luck in L.A. at that hour.

Place to avoid during the market?

The elevator banks at the Loews.

Proudest moment at AFM?

The night that Paranormal Activity screened for the buyers. It was magic.

Most "AFM" thing to happen to you at the market?

Years ago, a buyer confused me for another salesperson from Lionsgate and tried to make me an offer. The market can do that to a person!

Biggest pet peeve about AFM or Santa Monica?

To be so close to the ocean and not be able to enjoy it.

Your hidden gem restaurant or bar in Los Angeles?

Cafe Amici in Beverly Hills.

A secret place you go to escape the industry?

If I say, it’s no longer a secret.

One thing you won’t travel without, besides your phone?

A picture of my family.

What’s the best "worst" project you’ve seen on offer at AFM?

I can’t remember — I block them out.