AFM According To ... Covert Media's Paul Jun: "Grab a Beer and Head to the Beach"

Paul Jun - Publicity - P 2017
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The manager of international distribution and marketing tells THR of taking on the annual film market in Santa Monica.

Best place to grab a drink after midnight in Santa Monica?

Grab a beer and head to the beach. Santa Monica police won’t bother you and it’s way less crowded.

Place to avoid during the market?

Avoid going too far south of the Merigot or you’ll hit the less than magical parts of Venice.

Proudest moment at AFM?

Sneaking past the badge security guards when I forgot mine in the office.

Biggest pet peeve about AFM or Santa Monica?

It’s in November! Why not have it when the weather makes more sense for Southern California?

Your hidden gem restaurant or bar in Los Angeles?

Not so much a hidden gem since everyone walks past it a million times, but I really like Bruno’s Italian Restaurant on Ocean Ave. Open every day from 11:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. except Sunday, it opens at 4 p.m. (Bruno, if you’re reading this, your payment still hasn’t hit my PayPal, please check!)

A secret place you go to escape the industry?

West End (formerly Zanzibar). Best place to get your groove on.

One thing you won’t travel without, besides your phone?

My ID, because I still get carded for some reason …

What’s the best "worst" project you’ve seen on offer at AFM?

Anything sold by Bloom! Just kidding, they’re amazing.