AFM 2019 According to Production Assistant David Stone

An AFM production assistant gives his take on the fest.

Your best AFM story?

I was discussing an article about the movie The Room in the Loews when some commotion began on the ground floor. The man who made the film [Tommy Wiseau] had just entered the lobby and was throwing footballs to people. I went down and caught the last ball.

Best place to grab a drink after midnight in Santa Monica?

Without question the best place near the Loews is Chez Jay.

Favorite celebrity interaction?

Chatting with Sean Young in the elevator.

Secret place to escape?

Shutters is a great escape for all the people who want a real Santa Monica vibe and have a nice date with an attractive friend.

Biggest OMG moment?

One booth one year had a tiger cub. I petted it.

What do you like best about AFM?

My favorite thing about it was Troma, but they have been gone for a while. I always love the independents that are dressing up to advertise the films they made.

This story first appeared in The Hollywood Reporter's Nov. 10 daily issue at the American Film Market.