AFM: Download THR's Day 1 'Daily'

In day 1 of THR's AFM daily, Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Caine team for "Harry and the Butler," director Justin Chadwick discusses bringing "Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom" to the big screen and Bona's Yu Dong says the Chinese film sector is on the verge of a golden age.

Michael Caine, Samuel L. Jackson Teaming for Harry and The Butler

Philippe Rivier of Spirit Films and Colin Callender of Playground Entertainment are producing the dramedy, about a derelict rollercoaster mechanic  and one-time jazz virtuoso (Jackson) who lives in a converted train caboose in New Orleans. When he inherits a large sum of money, he decides during a drunken celebration to hire a down-on-his-luck British butler (Caine).

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Justin Chadwick Discusses the Challenges of Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

The director returns to Africa for his latest, starring Idris Elba in the lead role. Chadwick spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about why he initially turned down the project, the benefits of shooting crowd scenes without CGI and the decision to cast Elba as the charismatic South African icon.

Bona’s Yu sees Chinese Golden Age

Speaking at the 2013 U.S.-China Film Summit, Yu said the industry is flush with cash and that the challenges are actually on the creative side. “In the next 10 years it will be a big, big business. It’s an era for capital growth and box- office increases. The Chinese film industry is in a phase to test our film-makers,” he said.

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