AFM: Download THR's Day 6 'Daily'

In day 6 of THR's AFM dailies, five unexpected lessons come out of the market, the found-footage genre comes of age and Russian director Fedor Bondarchuk discusses his blockbuster "Stalingrad."

Five Surprising Lessons From AFM

The 2013 edition of the American Film Market was marked by extremes -- and worry. Buyers lamented that there weren't enough high-profile projects to pluck from. Sellers didn't even try to deny it, saying the global film business is tougher than ever. One veteran international sales agent used darts as an analogy, saying these days you have to hit the bullseye. "If you don't, you're out of the game entirely," he said. As AFM attendees pack up and head for points around the globe (even if that just means their Los Angeles homes), THR offers up five lessons to mull over.

Found Footage Comes of Age

The found-footage film has been declared dead more than once, but at AFM, the low-budget horror genre is quite healthy, with a stream of new projects continuing to find buzz and buyers worldwide.

Q&A: Fedor Bondarchuk

The Russian multihyphenate discusses his controversial blockbuster Stalingrad, how the story unites his countrymen and why he doesn't want to talk about his famous filmmaker father.

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