AFM According to Film Exec Jenna Sanz-Agero

Jenna Sanchez — P 2018
Courtesy of Subject

The COO of The H Collective gives her take on the market.

Best place to grab a drink after midnight in Santa Monica?

The Chestnut Club. I have a soft spot for the location as I played some fun gigs there when it was (called) 14 Below.

Place to avoid during the market?

All of Santa Monica, if you’re not there for the market.

Most “AFM” thing to happen to you at the market?

Being invited to six different cocktail parties at the same time on the same night.

Your hidden-gem restaurant in West L.A.?

All the Japanese spots on Sawtelle.

Funniest celebrity interaction at AFM?

Michael Jackson promoting a family-film label with his date, Elizabeth Taylor, at Mark Damon’s party.

A secret place you go to escape the industry?

My friend’s empty apartment.

Biggest AFM pet peeve?

“Producers” who’ve never stepped foot on a set.

This story first appeared in The Hollywood Reporter's Nov. 3 daily issue at the American Film Market.