AFM: Fu Works and Poland's Alvernia Studios to Back Low Budget Genre Films

Alvernia Studios
Alvernia Studios

Under a new service-based investment scheme, San Fu Maltha's production outfit and the Polish studio will be financing up to half of the genre titles that shoot or post-produce in the country.

Fu Works, the production outfit of veteran Dutch producer San Fu Maltha has launched a services based investment scheme with Polish studio Alvernia Studio that will provide up to 50 percent of the financing for low budget genre films that shoot in Poland.

The scheme aims to co-produce 2-3 independent projects per year with budgets of up to $4 million (€3 million). All films must be English-language and in a mainstream genre suitable for international distribution. Fu Works and Alvernia would come up with up to half of each project's budget. The selected films could shoot elsewhere in Europe but post-production must be done at Alvernia outside Krakow in Southern Poland.

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“This new partnership emphasizes our confidence in the strength of post-production facilities and wealth of talent we have to offer at Alvernia Studios,” said Alvernia Studios president and creative director Stanislaw Tyczynski, saying he was looking forward to “working alongside visionary producers from all over the world.”

As a producer, San Fu Maltha is perhaps best-known for his award-winning period dramas, including Black Book, Winter in Wartime and Suskind, but the prolific Dutchman has also worked on straight-up genre fare including space Nazis spoof Iron Sky and action fantasy Jade Warrior.

Alvernia Studios, just 3-years-old, has worked in some capacity on more than 50 feature films and some 200 commercials, video games and music projects. With the new scheme, it hopes to secure a steady stream of new films to feed its post-production business.

Post houses putting up equity financing in exchange for effects work has become increasingly common as the hard-hit VFX industry struggles to stay afloat and competitive with low-cost operators worldwide.