AFM: Jake Gyllenhaal and Antoine Fuqua Team for 'The Man Who Made It Snow'

AP Images/Invision
Antoine Fuqua

Gyllenhaal will star as the only American alive who was in the inner circle of the Colombian cartels

Jake Gyllenhaal, coming off his acclaimed performance in Nightcrawler, is teaming up with The Equalizer director Antoine Fuqua for The Man Who Made It Snow, a 1980s crime movie that IM Global is launching at AFM.

Gyllenhaal will star as the man in the title, Max Mermelstein, purported to be the only American who was in the inner circle of the Colombian cartels in the go-go 1980s.

Snow is a biopic of the man and is based on his autobiography. Brett Tabor wrote the script.  

Gyllenhaal will produce with Fuqua, Tabor and IM Global's Matt Jackson.

Mermelstein was the point man in America for the Medellin cartel, helping smuggle tons of cocaine in the 1980s.  He was eventually arrested and became a key informant and witness for the U.S. government, and spent his last years living in the Witness Protection Program. He died in 2008 and his eulogy was given by Tabor, who became interested in the man as potential movie material and tracked the man down.